Scribo ergo sum

Of all the aspects of our existence, writing is perhaps the most human of them all.  Consider this. We think, observe, covet, kill, love, laugh. hate, touch and talk: we live out the entire gamut of our feelings and behaviour until all of these disparate elements eventually find their expression in the written word.

If it hasn’t been written, then it probably hasn’t been experienced, happened… or even felt.

Join me in my literary travels where I write about some of the stuff that makes us human.

I’m a South African living on a farm on the banks of the Vaal River in the Free State with my wife Heidi and twenty-something daughter Mila. We’re unable to live like normal people because we have collected far too many horses, dogs, cats and chickens – not to mention goats, cows and sheep.

I’ve been writing for most of my life, starting off on newspapers. Over the years I’ve scribbled and typed in the advertising world for commerce and industry as well as produced countless scripts for television and corporate films. From behind-line news accounts of the Angolan War to brochure copy that promoted trailers, teaspoons and tents –I’ve written about many things and lots of people. More recently I authored a number of fiction and non-fiction books and contribute regularly to the Daily Maverick’s weekly food edition.

I am currently involved in a literary project to reflect, write and publish a South African travelogue comprising little-known and precariously fragile aspects of the local human condition.

When I’m not plotting and planning all of these fantasies, I can be found making artisanal cheese from the milk that our wonderful goats, cows, and sheep give us.